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Anonymous asked: What's the dream address of the weed town?



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has this been done before

no but I never realised how much I needed it to be done

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Immediate impression upon entering your town: I LOVE THE HAZY PURPLE SKY. I mean what a perfect time to save your town for a dream. :) Then the town square surrounded by the perfect apples, and the hedges (WHAT ARE THOSE CALLED, WHAT TYPE OF ANIMAL SUGGESTS THEM?).

So then I proceeded to the right to open the presents you left out for us. I put on the outfit and I thought, I’m not sure I could pull off this dress.

But then I saw the gifts on the left and I thought, oh this is probs what I’m supposed to be wearing.

So dressed up, for what looks like school, I took the path to the left and entered your green roofed house. I couldn’t help but feel the resident of this house was a cat lady.

Then I moved to the back room and quickly realized that this catlady was really a pot manufactorer. In spite of the fact that this woman was growing weed in her back room, I decided to continue to explore her house.

Boy, am I glad I did, because I found out that The Little Mermaid was filmed in the room on the left! GOLLY!

Then I went upstairs and was quickly reminded that this house was clearly designed under the influence of narcotics.

So, I left the pot manufacturer’s house and took the path down. I was mesmerized, this town was clearly a fairytale. So cute and adorable! Then, I found this blue house and this old delusional lady who murmured something about a Randy. Like where is the old folks home, because she clearly has some sort of dementia. The hardest work we do is pull weeds.

This lady had some very nice decorating habits, but I was personally offended by the state of her bathroom. What do we live in the 1800s???

Quickly after exiting the demented old lady’s house, I see another house close by. I realize that this entire town pushes drugs.

After having made these discoveries, I move north and discover Richard’s cabin. Lord only knows what goes on in here. Frightened, I swiftly left.

I came to the conclusion that the town was well thought out, carefully planned, and designed to be fairytale-esque, but it all was a ploy to hide the fact that every one of its’ residents were drug pushers.

4.5/5 stars.

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we enjoyed some rain, and then some rainbows c:

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xxx | 3300 - 0127 - 1608

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